about us

Majestic Commodities Private Limited was incorporated in 2009 as a family-owned enterprise, with its main office located in the bustling city of Coimbatore, a thriving business hub in the State of Tamil Nadu, in South India. This city passionately celebrates its rich and distinctive cultural heritage even as it rushes to keep pace with the heady surge of technology-driven modernity.

The company was founded by Mr. N. P. Ramesh. His tryst with the tea industry in India began four decades ago, when his youthful perceptions were captivated by the uncompromising processes that went into the making of exquisite blends of tea, the beverage that is sought after in every part of the world. His connoisseur instincts were fuelled by the exacting conditions that applied to the tea tasting function. Fascinated, he plunged into training for the Tea Taster’s role. The journey that began on that day has culminated in the formation of Majestic Commodities Pvt. Ltd., a firm that deals primarily in the export of tea in bulk, packaged form and as Private-labelled products.

Our Vision

We intend to reach our meticulously blended, fine tea offerings to discerning clients across the globe and to keep alive, the rich traditions that have governed the entire process of creating distinctive tea products..

Our Mission

The unwavering goal that drives our business is a pledge of purity, quality and superior taste that will distinguish each of our blended tea products and earn the sustained mandate of a loyal clientele.

Our Assurance

Uncompromising quality is the hallmark of our brand because we believe that lasting value can be obtained and delivered only through painstaking effort and unrelenting dedication to the highest standards of Quality Assurance.

Leveraging 42 years of experience in the tea industry of India, our Founder brings tested expertise to the company’s credentials; having been an accomplished Tea Taster and Blender from the start of his career.

Tea is one of the most favoured beverageamong people from all walks of life, with every individual seeking a unique, preferred taste, detesting compromise. This tradition of personal preference in the quality of the brew has been our benchmark whenever we blend our teas for each of our target clientele or our separate markets. We too, are averse to compromise.