customised tea blends

40 years of experience in the tea industry has equipped us with unmatched expertise in creating exquisite blends to suit the specific requirements of our discerning clientele. We consistently strive to enhance and innovate while devising blends to suit the everchanging trends of the modern market. Staunchly committed to ensuring that our clients get only the best of teas; we offer only high grade teas chosen by our tea tasters. Understanding our customers’ precise needs and objectives before fulfilling their requirements and delivering consistent blends at competitive prices all year round constitutes our USP.

private label

We are a “One Stop Solution Provider” for all your private label tea requirements.

Starting from Designing your Private Label Products, Choosing the blend of your choice, all the way to Packaging, we provide you with insights every step of the way.

We offer a wide range of Premium Orthodox, CTC (Cut Tear and Curl) Black Tea, Green Tea and White Teas in different packaging options. These can be packed in customized packages such as Packets, Pouches, Pet Jars, Tea Bags, caddies, cannisters etc., as per your preference.

Packaging we offer


Pet Jars

PET bottles are bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These are commonly used in the tea industry. We offer food grade Pet Jars from 650 ml to 2800 ml .The same can be used for packing tea from 225 gram up to 2kg.

Duplex Cartons

Duplex Carton boxes can be offered in 3 qualities – Gray board, white board and cyber-XL board. They can be customized to any size required.



Poly Pouches

The variety of foil pouches we offer includes Pillow pouch, Flat Bottom pouch and Stand-up pouch.

Tin Canister

Metal tins are centuries-old packaging solutions. They are functional and create lasting memories about your brand because tins outlast their initial and functional purposes. One can find tin cans, which have lasted for generations, in almost every household. Tin canisters ensure no loss of Aroma of tea .



Tea bags

We offer a wide range of packaging for tea bags; using 94 mm filter paper for double chamber tea bags and 125 mm. filter paper for Pot Tea bags, as well as single chamber tea bags.

  • Double chamber envelope, with thread and pin.
  • Double chamber, without envelope. Pin, tag and, thread attached.
  • Single chamber, without pin thread or tag attached
  • Double chamber Hard tag, with pin and thread
  • Pot tea bag, without thread, pin or tag
  • Single chamber, without thread and tag.
  • Double chamber envelope, with tag attached.

Paper sacks

Paper sacks are usually made of Kraft paper, ensuring the advantage of being soft and strong at the same time. These are Ideally used in bulk packing for export. We are in a position to offer multi-layer paper sacks that can hold up to 65 kg.